The essence of Beings ...

Exploring the essence of beings, following into their secrets between shadows and light and thereby unveiling their inner secrets is how I encounter the universe of flowers and plants, of stones and landscapes, emotions and situations. I disclose them in appropriate colours to make it all visible.

Seemingly minor matters grap my full attention, and therefore I experience their inner beauty and uniqueness so I can preservingly pin them down in shades of all possible colours. To celebrate the hidden apparition within and make it visible to others is the stimulus of my efforts.
My paintings emerge while I concentrate solemnly on colours and colors only. Either possible form and formation will recede into the background. Imaginary squares shape the illusionary space in which I set colors against colors to make them communicate to each other in their own language. Form in any way is transistory, passing by, however colours are more permanent, more constant in existance. They are part of the lightrays from where all being and existance once evolved and where everything finds its way back to at the very end.