Handmade paper from East-Nepal, called Lokta by the locals, is what I use for my artwork. It is produced from the plant which is typical for that area, the Tymelaceccae-Family and Daphne genus. It used to be a wild plant that grows in bushes and small trees in the damp hot climate in the wild forests of the Himalayas at around 2.000 to 3.000 m.

The process of the production of the once rare paper is elaborate and made by hand throughout. The bark of the twigs and branches has to be broken while beeing beaten upon with wooden sticks and then cooked on open fire in big earthen pots  until everything becomes soft. Eventually the substance will become a pulp which then will be spread on mouldes to dry in the sun. This drying process will take as many days as needed according to the time of the year and the weather. The ready paper sheets will show a rough surface, impress by durability and firmness, and will carry the colours with grace.

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